do you get jealous to your partner if .....

@rosey19 (951)
February 8, 2010 8:47pm CST
jealousy is one of the top sources of breaking up in a relationships. when somebody don't have trust to the other or if somebody whom you trusted becomes unfaithful to you. what if you just both of you have past relationships and then you just happened to know from other sources that he/she still have communications with his ex, do you get jealous about it? or just ignore the issue? is it a big deal to you as his present partner?
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• Philippines
10 Feb 10
no.i won't mind at all..but if he tells me that he want to go back to his ex..fine with me..i don't need such a guy like that..
@syaryel (155)
• Malaysia
9 Feb 10
Hi Rosey, trust is a big issue for me..I prefer to trust rather than let those negative thinking sour our, IF she wanna be friend with her ex..I'm cool with that..having said that..if she cheated on me, I'd say "That's it, I don't know you anymore!!" cause it's hard for me to regain my trust after being betrayed by the one I love the most :)
• Malaysia
9 Feb 10
my husband does not have an ex .. so i would not know that .. but if someone says that he talks to another girl .. i will have to ask my husband directly if he is interested in that someone or .. i will make sure to take my husband on a vacation during that time, to rekindle our love .. as for me, the man is getting bored with the routine that he has with us cheers