Michael Jackson.private home movies!

@bryanwmc (1052)
February 9, 2010 12:00am CST
Just viewed on you tube home movies of MJ n his real self from when he was a child till his demise,and just from the videos cant help but to form an opinion of MJ as how the press labelled him like a child trapped in an adults body, really got a perspective about that,esp his adult years ,from d candid footage of MJ,u just see d behaviour of a very playful, inquisitive ,naive,innocent ,n in some ways unsure of his life.. may have been 50 yrs old but listening to him speak,seems so naively innocent ,his views n perceptions of the real world,its no wonder he loved peter pan so much,coz dats exactly what he sees himself as like, AS for d allegations of criminal behaviour, i tried paying attention to his manner to see if any sign of sinister or conniving behaviour can be detected in his body language or eyes, n strangely apart from him being uncomfortable talking about his plastic surgeries,just cannot visualize him as a evil child abuser..just a frightened childlike behaviour when confronted wif d allegations.. dont wish to go into that ,just pondering whether MJ"s(god bless his soul) approach to life is similar to that of a very young child,always playful ,naughty ,inquisitive , constantly xploring experiences,ever curious, Pls dont take this out of context, like if a 12/13 yr old touched the privates of another child more out of curiousity or fascination or bewilderment than sinister intent..In principle,is that morally wrong, ? Or if a grown person but wif d mentality of a innocent child does it? How wud u approach this situation?
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