What do you do to enjoy life?

February 9, 2010 1:02am CST
Hi, Life is pretty tough now adays. Gone are the days when all we have to think about is to go to school and think of different ways to improve yourself. We adults are in this situation that we have to keep on going and be productive to sustain the demands of life. We have to work to pay bills, send our kids to school and place food on the table. This is true right, and for us to survive we have to keep looking to find extra ways to make money like what we are doing here in my lot. My question is,....What do you do to enjoy life during your free time? Or how do you entertain yourself to at least take a breath and rest from all the pressures of life? I enjoy life through surfing and reading blogs. Surfing things that I would like to have in the future and also reading inspiring blogs. This reminds me that there is something out there for me and that these things keeps me going. I get so jealous that I would like to do better to attain my goals. I have a huge dream for my family, including my parents and siblings. They are so important to me. So sometimes when I get tired I just surf the net and read blogs and it seems like I am taken some other place for a split second. LOL. Happy my lotting guys.
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@cocozhi (80)
• China
10 Feb 10
to me ,There are many ways to enjoy life ,for example ,Listen music ,can make me feel relaxed ,or watch TV and Reading ,Will learn new things from the television program and books , or Chat with my friends online ,Can konw what is happening around ,my friend and i together to share feelings online ,and Play computer games online .
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
9 Feb 10
and you dont like this routine life. i enjoy life by watchiung movies and tv shows .
@chiumee (851)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
hello clouds0327 i wish your wishes for you. things will come on your way even more than what you expect. just keep searching and praying that these will come sooner or later. and if you have some ways to work it out, go for it. don't lose any chances. if you feel going out to find these things you are longing for, don't waste time. this can also be considered part of your adventure. enjoy surfing.
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
I did mafia wars at spare time. It's international competition of being who is God Father.It's like spanking your character of getting hit if you are off line. You will increase your defense & attack. It's only for fun & pleasure to enjoy it.