Do you always say thanks God in every success you have?

@dpalais (130)
February 9, 2010 1:31am CST
We are thought by our parents to always pray and thanks God in every success He gave us. I admit that sometimes I forgot to pray and say Thank you, but every time that I remember the success he gave to me I always say Thanks God for all of this. How about you guys to you also do that..
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@shylade (3132)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
i believe that there is no success when there is no God. so the thanks and praises should be given to Him. so no matter how big or small we must always thank God. he is the reason why we are here, living and still breathing. praying is one way of communicating with Him. it does not necessary that it will take hours. even a minute prayer from your heart will be enough for Him to hear what we desire.
• India
9 Feb 10
I always say thanks to god because god help me and whatever i want its always fulfilled and its all thanks to god.
@daliaj (5674)
• India
9 Feb 10
Thanks for reminding me about the importance of thanking god in my success. I usually thank god for the good things that happen in my life. But, I have to make sure that I don't miss any occassion. Usually, thanks to god comes automatically, when I worry about a situation very much and it goes very smoothly, the first thing that will come out of my mouth will be 'Thank God'.