Ever happened to you to lose all the data from your computer?

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@icesmile (7160)
February 10, 2010 3:19am CST
On many occasions we eliminate or erase many of our files or important computer data, by mistake or error. Happened to me twice, first time a few years ago, when my computer just caught fire, and I could not save anything, only archive of yahoo, because what was on yahoo stayed there. The second time my hard disk failed and I could not recover anything,I could not get anything out of it. What solution do you use not to lose all data on your computer, if one happens defaults or an accident? save all the CD?something else?
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@yugasini (12838)
• Anantapur, India
10 Feb 10
hi icesmile, when ever my computer will have some trouble,i have to call the netcafe boy for repair,then he will do some thing to work the computer,every time i loose some thing that are stored in desktop and documents,but now i am storing them in the yahoo mail itself,have a nice day
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@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 10
well, i can recommend anything incase of burn or fire. but, if you do lose some data cause of deleting permanently or by formating your computer. You can recover those data. (well, not all the data. it depends on your luck as i don't know what is going on inside the computer) what you need to do is to find a software. I can't really remember the exact name, but there are lots of similar software on the net. try to surf it. its something called "data recovery" well, i kinda knows the system of how it works abit. When you delete your data permanently from your computer, It might somehow not deleted actually. but it goes into somewhere and stayed there. when you are adding new data, it might turn out that you saved into the place where the deleted data is. so automatically, some part of the data is gone. By using the software i mentioned earlier, you can recall back all the data that is being permanently deleted along with those which some part is missing/overwrite. so if you are lucky, the files you want can be recovered or else, it has been overwrite by new data. wow.. i didn't notice i've write a long dictations. =D
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@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
10 Feb 10
Well, that hasn't really happened to me. Well, ok.. I have lost plenty of (to me) important data because I forgot to back up certain files before formatting my HDD but besides that.. no not really. Well, there was this one time when one of my HDD's was failing but I just backed up the data on to another HDD. The old HDD actually still works but I doubt that I should really use it for any important files..
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@flzabala (42)
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
There was a time that I lost all the pictures and videos of my family that were store in my local drive. I forgot to back them up and just went to reformatting the drive. Now what I do is back them up on a dvd or cd. I also make partitions on my hard drive not like before. Then the important files are stored on a different partition from where the system and OS files are located. It is helpful if there would be cases that I need to reformat the drive or upgrade or reinstall the OS. Aside from that I also have an external drive to back up my files. Storing them on a dvd or cd would probably the most cost effective and the only thing to watch is to be careful with the discs so that it wouldn't have scratches.
• Canada
11 Feb 10
I back things up, and also, if I need to send my laptop in for repairs, I take out the hard drive and keep it here at home. If it was an issue with the drive itsself, I'd leave it in and back it up all on disk, but if it was only an issue with the hardware itsself, I'd just take the driver out, and keep it here at home.