I'm a rice person

February 10, 2010 6:19am CST
some people can live without rice...my sisters can eat without rice, i think most people i know if they are in diet the first thing they take off the list is rice--but i can't. so my question is are you a rice person? can you eat without a bowl of rice or can't you--like me. ^^
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• Philippines
21 Apr 10
I can live without rice but there are side effects. Whenever I eat rice, I'm always in a bad mood, I'm always irritated and feel like annoyed, I don't know how it affects me. So I never stopped eating rice again. I always have to have rice but to the minimum. I used to be a rice person as a kid but when I grew up into a teenager, I gained weight so I cut down to only a cup of rice per meal.
@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
11 Feb 10
Rice is Malaysian's main dish! hehe, but I can eat without rice. I prefer noodles and breads, probably because if I have to eat rice, I have to eat it with side dishes and all. I hate to choose! hahaha~
@cintoy (1011)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 10
I am not really a rice person but in a single day, i need to have at least a menu of rice. it should give me the energy to work for whole day. if i can eat three times of rice, then it should be better.
@yresh12 (3212)
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
Filipinos it has been in our culture that we eat there should be rice. I am a rice eater! That's the thing that I can't let go, even if I really need to diet.