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February 10, 2010 6:59am CST
Guys did u have a look at the new IDEA adv. ..its about promoting mobile for use of paper. It says tht its betta to make mobile a substitute for paper... in all cases like newspaper, tickets, letters, scholarships. etc. etc. But in this case we reduce the use of paper at the cost of increasing the use of mobile which contains lot of harmful chemicals which can spoil the planet earth. So guys is it proper to reduce the use of PAPER at the cost of PLANET EARTH. WATS UR OPINION...?
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• India
10 Feb 10
i hope we will find a better solution in near future...
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 10
The paper was made from the wood, and this will cause and ilegal logging on many forests, like in my country.Even the paper was not the only one of the reason of ilegal logging.And like what You've said that mobile contain lot of harmful chemical, let's try to see the effect of this harmful?? While in this world, not only a mobile who contain harmful chemical.All stuff recently contain harmful chemical.All You have wearing, eating and using daily are contain harmful chemical.Aren't they?? Try not to see the effect so deeply on one thing, cause there are lot of kind like this in this world.All we can do is only watch and guide the process.If it an ilegal, we should dare to warn it or report it.We can use the people power like many others case.And it's work to stop something wrong.