New Slicethepie ratings.

February 10, 2010 7:30am CST
Well, since I've done pretty good there at slice the pie getting an average of around 10$ from my 2hrs of work, I'd like to update those with the latest news. Yes, Slice the pie now will pay in vouchers even IF YOU ARE 2 STARS, so it is a lot harder to earn now as you will get your third star at around 300 hundred reviews. I usually am a three star sometimes four and rarely five but I've got to admit that sometimes I pop back to 2 stars so I don't get money for those reviews. They aren't scamming though, but they want us to support the artists more which is reasonable, but just harder for us.
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@Tina83 (1223)
• India
11 Feb 10
Its very bad now that the site made 0.05 V instead of 0.05 pound in 2 stars, Mainitianing 3 stars always is impossible .I m not interested in vouchers as about 50 pound of my voucher amt is been strucked in the site due to the site extreme rule that voucher earning only u can transfer to bank and that also they are asking for swiftcode and IBAN number which is hard to get.
• Thailand
13 Feb 10
I think I've maintained a decent run of three stars. Usually, the spread thing is really hard, 30 songs, you need to rate something that isn't 4-7 in around 8-10 songs. Otherwise you'll drop to a two star. Oh well, I think I've done pretty good and I've hardly got 2 stars although they come from time to time but I now that a rating other than 4-7 will fix that. Good luck though and watch out for the accuracy drop.
9 Nov 10
Nice idea. Can u pls add me as a friend redthaidevil. One thing I want to ask that - can we give 2-3 rating also ? Because I saw when I give 9 - 10 rating . My stars are gone ........... Pls help me .
@zandi458 (28124)
• Malaysia
10 Feb 10
I have been a long time member of slicethepie but have not been reviewing songs for quite sometimes now. They keep changing their payment mode. I used to get good star ranking before they change their rules but now it is quite difficult to even get to the 3rd star.
• Thailand
10 Feb 10
Thats because they've implemented a SPREAD system in which scouts are required to use all 0,1,2,3.... 10 ratings. So if we keep the normal 4-7 rating, we will not be able to get another star. They calcualte this in our last 30 rated songs.
@mimiang (3768)
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
What is it all about? Is it about writing reviews?
• Thailand
10 Feb 10
Writing music reviews. You can earn money for each review you write, but you have to listen to the music for 1 minute first. There is no referral program so this is just free knowledge.
@Lucky12 (769)
• United States
11 Feb 10
oh ok thank you I am a member as well. I have been doing really good. Thanks for the update.