What will you gonna do when you can hardly endure someone close to you

February 11, 2010 3:13am CST
We will meet and know various people since we were borned. Someones get along well with us, while the others won't be on the list of people who we'd like to see in most of our time. The relationships between some of them can be cut if we'd like, but the rest can't. I know it's impossible to acquire all people around us to do the things we like, but it doesn't mean that we should tolerate some improper behavious all the time, even it's the person close to you. I also understand we should give them both communications to know and chance to correct, but if the guy does accept no advice after the chat or even does't need a conversation with one who is having a challenge with his or her limit to endure, what else shall we gonna do? There is nothing.
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