Teenagers with cellphones with camera

United States
February 11, 2010 7:17pm CST
Do you think that it is right of teenagers have cellphones with camera? I actually don't think it is a good idea because that gave them access to thinks that they shouldn't see, like for example when they take pictures of private parts and send them to other friends. What do you think about it? I have to clarify, i don't think all teenagers are going to do that. But some of them will, and expose other ones to that.
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• United States
12 Feb 10
While I understand your point of view, I think more teens use them for harmless pictures, than inappropriate ones, so I think it's fine I've always had camera phones, and they always came in handy. I have pictures from pets and places that I haven't seen in years, that I wouldn't have if I didn't have a camera phone. Plus, while it is easier to take pictures with a camera phone, if teens really want to take those kind of pictures, they could get a digital camera (most people already have those, anyway), take a picture, upload it, and send them in an email or something. I don't think having a camera phone, makes too much of a difference... On a different subject: We have new emoticons