Would you be friends with someone of a different religion than yours?

United States
February 11, 2010 7:33pm CST
I am an atheist, but I have friends of all religions, and I also know religious people that have friends outside of their religions. But I have also seen people that wouldn't do it. In my opinion anyone can be a good friend, you just need to have a good heart and respect and be tolerant towards the believe of other people. What do you think? would you be friends with some one of a different religion?
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@cloud31 (5811)
12 Feb 10
I don't mind what kind of religion my friend will be..Its just their belief i will respect what kind of religion they have.Religion is makes people united and i believe whatever religion you belong we are in one God and in God we are united..
@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
12 Feb 10
i have lots of friends with different religion. they are fun. I just matter the fun things and not on the religion. sometimes i even notice that those who has the same religion with us are bad people. dun you think so? so, atheist will be no exceptional as well. I just want to make friends with anyone despite the religion, races, nationality or parties.
@barehugs (8985)
• Canada
12 Feb 10
Religion means nothing to me! Neither does friendship."To thine own self be true!" When you have complete faith in your own abilities, you need neither religion nor friends. You can always be sure Yourself will be there for You in times of need! Yes, I am one of those people that you have seen that wouldn't do it!
@thyst07 (2091)
• United States
12 Feb 10
Many of the people I call friends are of different religions than I am. I used to consider myself to be Christian, so naturally I made Christian friends at school and church. Even though I am no longer Christian, some of these people are still my friends. I have also had friends and acquaintances of other religions. I think that I'm much more open-minded about religion now than I was when I was a Christian. I now have respect for several religions and feel that they all have some wisdom to offer. The only time I can't respect a person's religion is when they are trying to shove it down my throat and telling me that I'll go to hell/have a bad afterlife if I don't believe the same as they do.