which one do you choose, the one you love or the who loves you???

February 12, 2010 6:47am CST
i've had a hard time coz i choose the one who loves me, most of the time i felt the emptiness and loneliness coz i'm always regretting for choosing the one who loves me, i'm always thinking that i know i could be much happier if i chose the one that i love, but i know it's too late.. if only i could turn back time.. how bout you? which one do you choose?
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• Philippines
13 Feb 10
i will not choose either, i do believe that it always take two to tango. it will be unfair to both of you if only one loves the other. i would not choose the person i love because he might just took advantage, i would not choose the one who loves me coz i will be unfair to him...i think the right thing we should do in choosing someone to love, is that choose the one you know you love and loves you also no matter what. someone you will fight for and someone who will fight just to be with you, just to have you in his/her life. but always do remember that somehow someway you'll find the person that is not meant for you and the person who will be really for you and be with you till the rest of his/herlife.
• India
13 Feb 10
It makes a lot of sense to choose the one who loves me. If you are a man, the statement: [B]Here's the love of women, deep and cangeable as the colors of opal[/B], says so much about the impermanence of Love. Hence either way i.e. whether you marry the person who loves you or the one whom you love, the form, intensity and structure of the Love changes, both ways- man to woman or woman to man so there should be not any regrets, either way. Mutability is the law of Life as PB Shelly says beautifully in his poem on this subject.