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United States
February 12, 2010 2:24pm CST
The day before yesterday my sister, brother, cousin, and I went to the mall. We split up and I was with my sister. The mall basically has two sides, the old and the new part. In the middle there is JC Penny. If you're in the new part and want to get to the old part, you basically go through JC Penny, vice versa. So we were on the foodcourt side (idk if it was the old or new part)and we wanted to go to the other side. We went through JC Penny's and I saw some cute purses that were %80 off and I tried some on. I decided I would come back later and look at them. So we passed through JCP and went to a store that was on the other side. After we were done we realized there were no other good stores, so we decided to go back to the foodcourt side. We passed through JC Penny and we were walking towards Payless which was past the foodcourt. I realized my load was a little heavy and I looked down and saw that I was holding one of the purses. I told my sister and I ran back to JCP and threw the bag onto one of the beds. I couldn't believe I carried throughout the mall. Thirty minutes later I decided to go back in JCP and I bought one of the cute bags but in a differnt color. Usually when I try something on I remind myself to take it off before I leave the store. I realized how easy it is to steal something, but of course I couldn't just take the item.. I have a friend who would do that though.. have you ever done something like this??
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@cream97 (29088)
• United States
20 May 10
Hi, lanlan011. I am glad that you returned the purse! Great job! I would never say that I have not been through something like this. I am sure that I have. I just can't remember right now that's all. It is easy to steal things because sometimes the alarm will not even go off when something is taken from the store on purpose. You did the right thing, while a crook would have intentionally meant to keep the purse.
• United States
23 May 10
I'm just happy to have a clean conscience. Just think if the alarm did go off. I would have either: 1)thought the alarm machine was malfunctioning and kept walking, which would bring attention to me and the two purses in my hand. 2)or an employee would stop me and I would have trouble explaining my situation. I just hope it doesn't happen again. Thanks for responding!!
@cripfemme (7698)
• United States
12 Feb 10
I tend to put things in the side of my wheelchair. I do this especially with books, as they fit in the space best. Once I left the store with the book still in my chair, luckily my mom caught me before I got home and the clerk was nice.
@calai618 (1773)
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
No, never. And I wish I never get to that type of situations. that is really one of my biggest fears when entering establishments especially high-end ones. If that happens unintentionally, it's really hard to prove it to anyone. it's easier to assume that something like that is deliberate than proving that it was not intended. I really warn myself whenever I get tinside establishments and I always make sure that me and the people I am with would never get to that situation. I think the fine for that act here is paying 10 times the value of the item involved.pretty pricey but i think it's much easier to just pay for it than explaining to people that you are innocent and you never meant to do it. lol