February 12, 2010 9:53pm CST
So i have a little experiment going and was wondering what everyone else thinks. I find that the only way many people remember anyones birthday is on a social website like facebook, twitter, etc. So since as of midnight it will be my 22nd birthday, i thought i would remove my birthday from my profile on facebook, just to see how many people will actually remember. To be honest with how impersonal facebook is, and as many friends as you have, most of them you dont even talk to it will really show me who my true friends are. Those who took the time to note when my birthday is and say something. What do you think? Would you keep your birthday on your profile just to get all these random birthday wishes from people who never talk to you? would that make you feel better, or would you rather have only a few birthday wishes, and them be meaningful ones, not just someone noticing that its your birthday and writing on your wall??
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13 Feb 10
This is actually a really good idea, one i think i may try. I like getting birthday messages from all my contacts on networking sites but as you say they are meaningless deep down i remember that most of the people on there haven`t spoken to me for years and then i just feel depressed that people feel oblegated to say happy birthday to me cause a computer told them to and not because they genuinly care. I`am definetly going to try this even though i`am not sure the outcome will be as hoped but fingers crossed.
• Canada
13 Feb 10
well good luck, im just not going to get my hopes up, 1 min to go, lol. As long as the people who matter remember then i'll be fine.
• Canada
13 Feb 10
so usually with facebook once midnight hits you get bombarded with birthday wishes, now that my birthday is not on my profile, i havent had a single comment or birthday wish, which some people would feel bad or discouraged about this, but my boyfriend and his family have all wished me a happy birthday, and i've had the oppertunity to spend some time with my son, and thats all that really matters to me.
@champan (513)
• Argentina
14 Feb 10
I was thinking to do that too. Last year i kept it on my profile. And it was "good" to see , how many "friends" i have that remember my birthday. Now im going to see how much remember about it without my birthday on my profile