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February 13, 2010 2:16am CST
Chatters... Post a word, a sentence, a something. My aim is to learn french better... and become fluent. I have studied for 5yrs or more. Thanks, but I don't want any recommendations about where to go. I need practice!! Since I don't really have anyone to speak french with... I'm being innovative. I DO LIKE trying to translate things into french (I'm too literal). So help!! Even now, I'm shy to type a sentence. hee hee hee Here's a question to start you off: what level of french speaker are you?? I just finished watching the 2010 Winter Olympic openning ceremonies - and I understood a great deal (not all). ***************************************** (flash of brilliance) I'm creating a game: Take EACH letter of the alphabet and try to graduate. Everyone starts in Kindergarten == A = any word, word start w/ letter, or phrase. The next person has to create a sentence using your word - then leave the next word to graduate from THAT LETTER. EVERYONE WILL GRAD FROM A (1st) then B (2nd), etc. Rules......................................... Each posting must be 5 french sentences (or more) long & when you reach 5th grade === Reach back and use at least 3 sentences from some other posting or your own - with in your 5 or more french sentences. Be creative!! Minimal English please!! levels: (K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, 1st, 2nd, thru 12th = grad high sch. == A thru P) levels: (Frsh, Soph, Jr, Sr, B.A., Masters, Phd. = college grad. == Q thru W) levels: (Cm. Laude, Magna Cm. Laude, Summa Cm. Laude = Mensa ==== X thru Z) NO CHEATING.... but you can ask others for hints; no direct answers. Kinda like: Taboo, pictionary, or charades. EXAMPLE == Gateau = something edible. THE GOAL IS TO USE YOUR BRAIN AND LEARN - RIGHT? - USE YOUR BRAINS & words U know - GAME PIECES BELOW .............. Here's my "A (Kindergarten One): "Abeille" Le petit garcon n'aime pas des abeilles. Here's my "B" (K2) -------------------- Next word: Biberon Donnez le bebe son biberon! ............... GAME PIECES ABOVE Have fun.... Bonne chance toute les mondes!!! (sorry so long)
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• Turkey
13 Feb 10
I think the best language learning in that country over a given time is to learn to stay. Briefly would learn by working