I want to make pancakes this morning but I want something new!

United States
February 13, 2010 10:33am CST
I have been craving pancakes for a couple days now. This morning I have decided to make them. I don't want just plain boring pancakes like normal. What do people suggest to put in a pancake? Example: blueberries, chocolate chips, and apples. I have tried all these ones. What have other people tried putting in there pancakes? I am starved, can't wait to hear what you put in pancakes. Ready to start cooking!
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@barehugs (8984)
• Canada
14 Feb 10
My favorite pancakes are pecan filled! Just add pecans to the recipe, and top with butter and Maple Syrup. I also like blueberry pancakes. Those are the two kinds I enjoy the most.Pancakes are good with fried apples, or any fruit mixture that suits your taste. Whipped butter is great as a topping because it melts quickly. Pancakes are a good way to start your day.
• United States
14 Feb 10
I think I will try the pecan filled. That's one that I have never tried. I was having pancakes every morning but they started to get boring because I ran out of ideas of what to put in them. Pecans will be something new for me. Thanks!
@kokowit (37)
• Philippines
12 Mar 10
I've tried mixing bacon bits in the batter and it's really delicious - the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the pancakes make a really good combination. I also like to top plain pancakes with grated quick-melting cheese instead of butter when I don't have bacon.
@MrKennedy (1993)
16 Feb 10
Since it's officially pancake day (the proper term is "Shrove Tuesday) here in Britain, I decided to celebrate by whipping up a stack of delicious pancakes I dolloped a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on each one, smothered Nutella chocolate sauce around the edge, rolled them up and squirted a generous helping of toffee sauce on top. Needless to say, they are absolutely yummy