Write something ot Do something that can be written.

@esjosh (915)
February 15, 2010 1:35am CST
Hello myLotters, I have read a beautiful quote somewhere longtime back, It cam to my memory when I was replying a discussion today. The quote is,,, : "If don't want to get forgotten as soon as you die, Write some thing that is worth reading or Do some thing that can be written worth reading" I think all of us would agree to it, then what will you choose, writing of doing something written-able?????
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• Philippines
16 Feb 10
Meaning do something that are noble, that when a people reading it will appreciate your life and will learned from it, that what is the quote is all about. that is why I am trying to right what is wrong in my life so that when people read my journal they will pick up something that can help their lives to survive. We do not have perfect life but the thing is we are trying to survive for everyday to make our life worth while. Do something that can be a good example to others and write it down.
@esjosh (915)
• India
17 Feb 10
Hey Grecy, Thanks for such graceful comment on this discussion. You are correct, sharing such things stops the next person to not repeat the things go wrong in same manner that went wrong with you. But I request you to share the good things and achievements also, that motivates the readers to be like that or be better that that. Thanks once again.
@saphrina (31733)
• South Africa
15 Feb 10
Remember me, as the day you accepted me, not as the day you never knew me. TATA.