easyhits4u help needed

February 15, 2010 8:01am CST
hi mylotters i need ur help regarding earning money from easyhits4u, im using it since nov 09 and can only find how to get good traffic for my site... but i want to know how can i earn cash from this site ( i think min payout is $3.5)... Plz guide me how can i earn cash also from this site. thanks in advance
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• Pakistan
15 Feb 10
you can earn from this site in two first you will earn 0.30$ per 100 sites you viewed secoldly you will earn credits and you can use these credits to promote your site.and you will also earn 0.10$ for referring one active person.This site is very useful for promoting your site as they have about 230000 registered users so you can promote your site to many people.i m using these sites for a year now if you need help regarding these and other ways to earn add me and pm me.
16 Feb 10
Thanks everyone for the help. But plz make me clear about one thing. Do we have to visit these 1000 sites in one day(24 hours) in order to get 0.3 ?????????????????????
@topffer (41775)
• France
17 Feb 10
No, you can visit them in 1000 days if your want, and when you have viewed 1000 pages they add $0.30 to your account.
17 Feb 10
@topffer Thanks a lot for the reply. Now im clear about it. Can u tell me more about bonuses? When we get a bonus and claim it while surfing, what does that mean? I mean banner impressions and text impressions etc:
@gokujames (124)
• India
15 Feb 10
I think its a bit hard to have a payout there.Try Neobux u will payout in about 45 days with 2.10$ IS that u on the profile pics.U look Beautiful
@vlws123 (65)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 10
I've been paid by easyhits4u recently. It takes a lot of surfing time in order to reach the payout ($ 3.00). You have to surf at least 10 000 sites in order to reach that payout. If you do the calculation at 15 secs. 10 000 x 15 secs = 150 000 secs = 2500 minutes = 41 hours and 40 minutes. For referrals, they only pay you $ 0.10 for 100 sites they surf. Well, you do get credits for the sites they surf. If you are looking for lots of traffic to your site, then it'd be fine to keep on using easyhits4u. If not, it's a lot of hard work.