Are you a good kisser?

February 15, 2010 9:19am CST
Hi mylotters, Does your partner told you that you are a good kisser? Yes he told me that I am a good kisser and he really loves to kiss me when we are together LOL. I don't know why... But he told me that my lips are very soft and the way I kiss is different.. LOL.... I think he just told me that because he loves me hahaha.
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@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
15 Feb 10
thats right of course hje cant tell you bad things or else he will be sleeping outside the room LOL! i think to be a good kisser should have a lot of practice and if you love the one youre kissing you really becomes a good kisser.
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
yeah I agree with you.
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
Haha.. This topic is fun. I think if the person loves you he/she will always want to kiss you. And you are a good kisser for him/her.
@don_naces (464)
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
Congratulations! That is a very nice ability. Keep it up! Can I try? LOL...
@saphrina (31738)
• South Africa
15 Feb 10
I don,t think i am too shabby in that department, even if i really love to kiss and be kissed. As long as he says that you are a good kisser, you are the winner in this relationship. Have fun. TATA.
@jugsjugs (13038)
15 Feb 10
I have never had any complaints off anyone about the way i kiss to be honest.My husband is the one who likes all the romantic kissing aswell as all the pecks on the cheeks.He has told me that he loves me kissing him aswell as sober aswell as the times he may have had too much to drink.In the past there have been bad kissers and i must say my husband is a good kisser.
• Atlantic City, New Jersey
15 Feb 10
I have been told that I am a good kisser time and time again. And when I ask why I am also told it has to do with my soft lips (teehee). To me kissing is a huge part of intamicy when you are a couple. Kissing is passion- and without passion no relationship survives in my opinion.