Of Greek Myths and God

Meet Percy! - This was a scene from the movie.
February 16, 2010 12:55pm CST
Hi fellow mylotters and believers in God, As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts today I watched a movie at the mall today ( Yehey I haven't been to the cinema in about 4 months!), I wacthed Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The story was based on Greek mythology (yes that of the gods and goddesses), as we all know Zeus, Poseidon and Hades belongs to the upper strata of the Gods. They come to earth sometimes and inter marry with humans and produce offsprings who are demigods. The story is about Percy Jackson a demigod, but well he didn't know he was one until later. Now Percy Jackson was not even "normal" by human standard. He was a dyslexic individual and to make matters worse he was diagonsed with ADHD. Percy never met his father and he never knew who his father was. He was raised normally in the human society by his mother who married an abusive alcoholic when Percy was a child. Percy thought he was a looser and just like any kid he questioned why his father left them and why he never knew his father, but all that he kept to himself. The journey to finding his true identity started when Zeus' lightning bolt (Poseidon's brother) accused Percy of stealing his lightning bolt. He told Poseidon that if Percy would not return his lightning bolt he would declare war against Poseidon. Poseidon did everything to protect his son by talking straight to him, like a voice that guides him. Hades ( the god of the underworld) also wanted to possess the lightning bolt because he wanted to rule Olympus. So he sent his cohorts to attack and intimidate Percy so he could get the lightning bolt. But Percy did not steal the lightning bolt because he didn't even know what it was or who these creatures were. Well, I won't go much into details of the movie but Percy had to flee and he was brought into a camp where other demigods were being raised and trained. He found out that he had a gift and that he too was a demigod... the son of a powerful god Poseidon, god of the seas or water world. There he met Annabeth, daughter of the goddess Athena and Luke the son of the god Hermes, the god's messenger. Percy and Annabeth soon became friends inside the camp and together with Grover the satyr and Percy's protector and friend they travelled to the underworld to take back Percy's mom who Hades kidnapped. Hades wanted to bargain Percy's mom for the lightning bolt but Percy told Hades he did not have what he was asking. Hades brought Percy's mom and threatened to kill her if he did not get what He wants. Percy dropped his shield when he saw his mom. The shield was given by Luke, son of Hermes. Within the shield was the concealed lightning bolt. Oh yes Luke was the thief. Hades seized the lightning bolt and instructed hiw wife to kill them but his wife betrayed him and helped Percy, His mom and Annabeth escape, leaving behind Grover because they only had 3 pearls to get them out of the underworld. In the end Percy triumphed and he was able to return the lightning bolt personally to Zeus in Olympus. It was there that he met his dad for the very first time. Percy distanced himself from Poseidon because to him he was a stranger. But Poseidon with all the love he had for his son, humbled himself and went after Percy. So what am I getting at? What does this movie have to do with God? For sure God and the devil were not brothers lol... so what's really my point? Well while I was watching the scene where Poseidon was talking to Percy he said " even though you did not see me when you were growing up, doesn't mean I wasn't there.I watched you and I protected you and I will always be here for you, when you need someone I will be here". This part of the scene I just felt it in my spirit that God was talking to me through these lines. Seriously. I know for some reading this it might sound weird but nothing is impossible with God. I have been going through a rough 9 months. Stop. Don't go way ahead hahaha I'm not pregnant or have been impregnated by someone lol. I have just been going through some storms , and major ones during the course of 9 months. During this period I felt so alone and abandoned and though I know that God is here I just felt no connection with him Just like Percy. Through this movie God reminded me that He is a father and though I do not see Him doesn't mean He is not here, doesn't mean He didn't care. All through these years He has been watching over me and when I needed someone the most He is here and will always be here for me! Weird right? But not for me really because God always talks to me in creative ways specially if He knows that He could not get through me in a traditional way. Genius isn't he? lol If you wish to share your similar experiences or anything at all kindly post and share them. Who knows that by writing your story or comment you might touch somebody who needs it the most. Thank you and happy mylotting!
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