Ad-sharing with Hubpages.

@synbitz (106)
February 17, 2010 4:00am CST
Hubpages is a article website, that pays you commission on income generated by adsense and other Pay per click companies, trough the articles you publish on hubpages, A similar site is Squidoo. I personally think hubpages offers more than just the ad sharing income. And personally I do not publish any articles with ads on them on hubpages ( i have 5 articles now ) I just create, short, graphical articles that will help me promote my other content. its called a link wheel, content networking! Writing a couple of articles is a future investment in visitors and backlinks to your other blogs and websites. to your NETWORK! The more people that get pulled in your network, the more chance you have someone will sign up as your referral, or you will make an affiliate sale!
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