why do we hesitate to seek psychological help?

@ksmita (515)
February 17, 2010 4:45am CST
hi all. increasing number of suicides proove that there is something wrong with the way we deal with our mental health. marriages are breaking up, students are committing suicides, failures depresses us...there are so many pressures to handle..but i think if we seek medical help at the right time , these suicides can be avoided, but why people shy away from accepting that there is problem and wait for problem to get worse. is it some social stigma? i think ,it should be promoted well and people should take the help of medical expert.what you say?
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@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
Generally, the effect of social stigma has something to do with how the people think of psychological or psychiatry help. But, as what you have shared, all many problems encountering by a person, either lives on emotional, marriage, family and others are all related under this category. For legal cases like divorce, annulment or separation even in such crimes or violence, they have to undergo this test to prove if they are not mentally disturbed or if has any illness, then be treated.
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• Philippines
19 Feb 10
As i have observed, some people in our country avoid seeking professional help for their psychological problems because they are afraid to be labeled as a mentally ill person. I suggest that in order to help minimize such problems, persons with problems should try to talk it out to someone. Personally based on my experience, i feel relieved it i can share my problem to someone that i trust specially if the problem is quite sensitive in nature.
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@allknowing (86779)
• India
17 Feb 10
Blame it on society norms. Those afflicted with mental illness are quarantined and their future is sealed for good as being unsuitable for any kind of interaction. Mental illness is curable and should be given equal importance as any other ailment. You have become aware and it is a good thing. I am sure there will be many more who will join you in defining mental illness as being normal and needs to be looked at the way we look at any other illness.