Do you feel confortable with your body?

February 17, 2010 9:33am CST
I want to know how you feel with your body. Would you like to be thinner, taller, gain more muscle mass, or are you perfectly confortable with your body? Looks have a lot of importance this days, so I think everybody would like to change something in their bodies.
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@agent807 (749)
• United States
22 Feb 10
I am very comfortable with my body. I grew this thing to where it's at. Personally, I want to gain as much muscle as possible. I didn't want to this at first, but because I lift weights, and I played football, I ended up being a big powerful guy (to be precise, I'm 5'9" and according to the last scale I was on I weigh 341). I'm not a ripped, shredded, freak of a bodybuilder, but I am no longer intimidated by them at the gym. What is normal for me is freakish by everyone else, the heavy stuff I move(I am always asked to move the heaviest item they can find), the amount of food I eat, the fact that I work my legs by using my car as an exercise device (need a bigger car), etc. People joke and make all kind of comments, but I don't get offended easily, but I know they fear that I might hurt them badly. Now that some people realize I am getting bigger, they back off even more. I do get offended when someone ask me if I take steroids. Every person that grows muscle does not take steroids. I know everyone does not care for my look and that's fine. I'm the one that's got to live with it, and I love the feeling of being a beast.
@Katie2009 (144)
• China
18 Feb 10
I feel quite satisfied with my body though sometimes perceive that I need to lose some weight,which is not so obvious duo to my height. I'm thinking maybe shorter girl looks cuter,isn't it?
@saphrina (31552)
• South Africa
17 Feb 10
I am happy with the way i am. I really do not need to change anything and i believe people need to accept you as you are. TATA.
@sushie93 (1355)
• France
17 Feb 10
I want to be taller, i'm too small and i can't see what happens in front of me when i'm in subway because there are too munch people -_-' and i can't catch things that are in top in supermarket o
@meldred (94)
18 Feb 10
i want to be slim that's why i am now on diet.
• Canada
17 Feb 10
When I was younger I had an eating disorder that developed because of my desire to make someone else happy about the way I looked. I'm long past that, and that person is long gone. Now I try to be content with my body. I try to exercise and eat properly to stay healthy, not because it helps me look better.
@regal_aeros (2605)
• Singapore
17 Feb 10
i definitely would like to be thinner. i'm fine with my height. But if i were taller, i might be a model. *grinz* but i'm happy with my height.
@dreamnishu (1247)
• China
17 Feb 10
I happy with my body. I don't want to be thinner or don't want to gain muscle. But i want to taller a little. Though my height is perfect for me. Right now i just don't want to be sick.