what a goofy people is like?

February 17, 2010 1:37pm CST
when someone describe another person as a goofy guy, what does he really mean. from the dictionary, it means silly and it sounds like a derogatory word. but I thought it was not necessarily derogatory. It is more like a neutral word. What do you think?
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@qamarep (4447)
• Pakistan
19 Feb 10
thats a bad word because it can also be taken for someone that is not a friend to be kind of person.
• India
17 Feb 10
Classification of a person is done on the basis of majority..... If in a group of five, four are alike and the fifth one is a little odd then they will call him goofy. If the same "goofy" person finds 10 people like him then all eleven will call the other four goofy..... so it soedn't matter what someone calls someone..... a real goofy person is like someone with abnormal behaviour..... person who react to things not like everyone else does but in a odd silly way..