How do we find US Gov. HELP!

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February 18, 2010 3:04pm CST
Please only US members respond. Every day we (my wife & I) get deeper & deeper in debt. We are both with disability and trying to live on a very low fixed income (social security)and our credit is shot. We are middle age and our disabilities render us with no hope of ever getting back to a real job. We have a mortgage to pay, health co-pay's & meds to pay, monthly bills to pay, and two other mouth's to feed besides our own. We hear about US government grants that could save us, and see all the billions of dollars Obama is pouring back into the economy, but we see no way of how to apply for it. Does anyone know how we can find these grants that we need? Or even some kind "safe" of low interest loan for people with low income & low credit? We went to our bank and they nearly laugh in our face. There has got to be a way! Please tell us.
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@shamsta19 (3224)
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18 Feb 10
Contact your Small Business Association. They may be able to help you in this department or refer you to someone who can. They may just give you a run around but show you where you can get some assistance from. Here in Myrtle Beach we have a Helping Hand Office. They will help you out once every six months to a year with bill assistance but you need to come up with some of the money. Maybe you are looking for a loan or a grant for these things. I'd say check out Lesko's book but a lot of those sources may take a while, or some considerable effort to get funds. It's not impossible though. I'd say if you had some time on your hands and the will, try there.
@dreamr802 (986)
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18 Feb 10
I know if you go to Barnes and Noble they have books that have every grant available for the year. If you guys buy the book, then you can try to apply for different grants...hopefully that will help. I don't know of any safe loans that are low interest.
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