United States
February 19, 2010 9:07am CST
What is the worst meal you have ever eaten?
3 responses
@phoenix8606 (4977)
19 Feb 10
hi! it were rissoles and i think they were spoilt, because i got sick and i couldn't sleep whole night because of stomachache, and I even threw up twice:)
@lelin1123 (15635)
• Puerto Rico
19 Feb 10
This happened years ago when my boyfriend, my two daughters and me we went to my boyfriends brother's house. She cooked for us Mashed potatoes mixed with scramble eggs. I don't remember what else was on the plate but I remember that mixture of potatoes and eggs and even till today I get nausea thinking about it. Needless to say I only took a couple of bites.
• Brazil
19 Feb 10
Once in Santa Catarina, my uncle made some broccoli spaghetti with vegatables. The pasta was so dry and the vegetables were so hard, it was like eating rocks... Me and my cousin took the plates to the room and gave everything to the neighbours dog and ended up eating sandwiches later, hidden from my uncle of course... I still feel bad for not telling him xD