Which would you choose Mac or a PC?

United States
February 19, 2010 6:57pm CST
Im thinking of buying myself a laptop for college and i was wondering if the mac is more reliable than the pc. I heard from my friends that the mac couldnt get viruses unlike the pc... hmm please give me your opinions on which one i should get :)
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@assadi (91)
• India
20 Feb 10
Mac is good.its true that it has no virus related issues.But PC too is good because its cheap.
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
i rather choose laptop coz its very handy and you can bring it anywhere you want even just around your house than stay in your room to browse internet. if im using laptop via wifi connection then i can bring it to toilet, kitchen while waiting for food to cook, then outside to change the environment and etc. both are threatened to virus, what matter is you have your anti virus for that.
@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
20 Feb 10
I would base my choice on what software/hardware the college recommends and on what course you are taking. If most of your work will be word processing/spreadsheet/database work, then it doesn't really matter which you choose; if your course is in Graphics, then, for some things, the Mac might be a better choice. Unless you can get special concessions through your college, though, Macs are more expensive than a comparable PC. Mac users will notoriously tell you that Macs are better and PC users will defend the PC nearly as violently. There are fewer Mac viruses simply because there are fewer Macs than PCs and it is therefore not as 'worthwhile' (from a virus writer's point of view) writing viruses for Macs and Linux/Unix as it is for Windows/PCs. The Mac (and Linux based PCs) are really no less vulnerable than Windows (possibly more, but that is nothing to worry about).
@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
For me I prefer pc than mac because I am not familiar with mac operating system. Maybe mac is really good for those people know how mac is use...
@wigima5 (904)
• United States
20 Feb 10
Idk personally im a pc, and ive always been a pc. from wat i hear, yes i think its better against viruses, but its set up differently than a pc, like the desktop is set up differently n some stuff works differently. Im used to a pc and i like hp pc's. plus from wat i hear pc's have more of a choice than macs. i have a great laptop n it performs great n im happy n its a pc. so i dont c any problems.