what is the best movies u have watched ever?

February 19, 2010 9:11pm CST
Yes guys so many good and bad movies out there. Some make us laugh some make us cry. Some. Even make us wonder how do these directors come up with these stories. They Seem so intriguing and amazing so what's your most memorable movie ever and what's your worst?
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@jeffb847 (30)
• Canada
20 Feb 10
The best movie I have ever seen graphic wise is Avatar the effects are amazing, the action scenes are eye dropping and the landscapes are just incredible. It makes me kind of emotional because I would love to be an avatar and have the ability to connect with everything and it's energy. I think if humans were able to connect to the energy as well as avatars do I don't think we would take it for granted as much as we do. My worst movie that I have ever seen would be Open Water. The entire movie they float in the water they don't swim towards any on going boats or ships that come across. The movie was way to long and showed only one scene the whole movie. Very low budget and very poorly made.
• Jamaica
20 Feb 10
lol at open water, if i was watching it for 15 minutes and i saw no form of action i would have gotten up and left the theatre and maybe even ask for a refund lol. As for avatar yes think its os one of the greatest movies ever made on earth because of the realistic events that take place. I too would have loved to become an avatar also so i could experience their lifestyle. I personally loved apocolypto because the events that take place in the movie actually happened in real life. The killings were so real i was in shock as well as in awe! that movie is a must see if you have time. As for bad movies there are so many of them lol i dont know where to start. But i will take a look at the one you have mentiioned.
@MizzLadyB08 (1174)
• United States
2 Apr 10
Good movies I have watch recently are Precious and The Blindside. Good movies from the past Set It Off, Love and Basketball, Why Did I get Married, and Romeo Must Die.
• China
21 Feb 10
i think the "shawshank redemption" is the best movie i've seen, "hope is a good thing", the classic line from this movie, it really touch me, morgan freeman's acting is excellence, i don't know how to describe the mood when i saw the last scene, it's so exciting, not, not exciting, it's just like take a walk in the garden which was besprinkled with sunshine, anyway, this movie is perfect