Eggs... how do you like them?

February 19, 2010 9:21pm CST
How do you like your eggs scramble,turned, boiled, or raw??? People always have ways to made it and the world cant get enough of it so how do you like your eggs????????
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• Philippines
20 Feb 10
It really depends on what food the eggs go with. When it's with bacon I usually like my eggs sunny-side-up, with the yolk soft and a bit runny. I like the white part a bit crispy. When with sausages and the like I like it scrambled. I like my scrambled eggs fluffy, with a bit of milk.
• Jamaica
20 Feb 10
lol thats great a little mixture u seem to love it in different ways. i hate when eggs are crispy, it just seems like all the taste is gone. i am so hungry right now hahaha.
@nunoasl (166)
• Portugal
27 Mar 10
i like to eat eggs, like bacon, with an hamburger and some cheesse. i like also others stuff like prepared sandwiches with a little of eggs, scumbled eggs, turned, loiled, and raw (like you do). We must becarefull about eating eggs, only a few time in every week because they have a higher calorific power, and some fat.
@May2k8 (17278)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 10
Raw is I like to made it. Eggs were not turned around and I think it is only whites who have cooked. without losing my appetite a little salt sprinkled around the egg.
@MrKennedy (1978)
20 Feb 10
My absolute favourite form of eggs is scrambled Mix the yolk with a little butter and a dash of milk, and cook until golden yellow. The taste is just divine, and they go well with anything, especially toast