Should children be allowed on reality TV shows?

February 20, 2010 8:57am CST
I think that shows like Jon and Kate plus 8 exploit children. Their children will have to face the media (which has turned pretty ugly) for many years to come, and they will always be known as the children who had the parents with a nasty public divorce. Because of this,I do not believe that children should be allowed on reality TV shows about their families. What do you think? Why or why not?
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• Brazil
20 Feb 10
Fame and fortune spoil the childhood of many inocent chiuldren. It makes them have to give up everything sweet and inocent to sustain this famous life. Mostley driven by their parents, these kids normally don't have a choice to what they want and don't want in their lives. They work long hours and have to curve to every demand of the 'director' and/or their parents. It seems like a very bumpy lifestyle and I think kids shouldn't have to go through it for the sake of us unoccupied grown-ups to watch. Kids should be free to run around and play in the mud.