Movies that are truely inspiring

February 20, 2010 9:40am CST
Wat movie is one that really inspires and sends shivers down your spine? i like remember the titans and astronaut farmer just bored in a snow storm and want a good movie that has good quotes and change my outlook on the day i want something to occupy my mind in a good way
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@vanila (491)
• Israel
21 Feb 10
All the movies of woodie allen inspire me. for love inspiration I recommend the movie "the Notebook" and "Love in the time of cholera", both of them were books first, and you can tell it by the poetics in them. also one of the best movies ever is "sinema paradiso- the director version". anyone that loves art and specially cinematography will cherish this movie.
@portisray (503)
• Philippines
21 Feb 10
Movies that are truly inspiring for me are Forrest Gump and Schindler's List... There are still a lot of movies that is worth mentioning but as of now these two movies I mentioned that is so far the best for me...
• Philippines
21 Feb 10
For me "remember the titans" and "we are marshalls" are truly inspiring movies. try watching "music within" as well..
20 Feb 10
Well there are two really good inspirational and motivational movies which spring to mind. The first is “Hoosiers” about a small town basketball team who get a shot at the state championship. If you’ve seen “Coach Carter” it is similar but about 100 times better. The other movies is “The Pursuit of Happyness” which really has a never say die message and it never fails to inspire me when need it.
@saphrina (31733)
• South Africa
20 Feb 10
City of Angels is an inspiring movie. I can watch it another 10 times and still learn something new.
@lexx87 (1710)
• Mexico
20 Feb 10
titans are really good i dont remember the name of other movie i really inspired me it was with Robert de Niro and Cuba , it was really good it made to understand you need to do anything with love and if u want to be the best you can do it. Many movies inspired me like The Notebook it makes me think the love really exists.