@sreesai (216)
February 20, 2010 8:40pm CST
hi, I would like to know about money exchange profits and earn through it. I saw one advertisment where the guy earned through 10 usd dollars exchange using different exchangers(this linit will vary from time to time). Do u know in detail? let me know and learn,how to earn through money exchange?
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• Philippines
21 Feb 10
it depends to your investment. most of them are big time investors like hundred thousand or millions of money. currency exchange has been around not just online though it only offers online now a days. if you want to invest, you must monitor the money market first if the currency id decreasing or increasing everyday. here how it works in currency exchange. If you want to buy dollars the value today against peso is $46 and thats the cost of each dollars that you'll going to pay. and then the next day the value of dollars become $45 so you lose $1 dollars each. in selling, you will sell youll dollars for 46 since thats the value today but the next day the dollars decrease to 45 dollars so you lose $1 again. as of now specially in our country, the value of dollars is decreasing in the market. just monitor the value of every currency you want for a month or a week and check the market also it will help you.
@sreesai (216)
• India
22 Feb 10
Thank you homeshoppers. good day