@anc457 (186)
February 21, 2010 1:10am CST
Homosexuality, a deviant behavior? share you ideas pls.
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@eLsMarie (4347)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
i think homosexuality isn't or wasn't really a deviant behavior because people like them didn't planned their behavior that once they'll have their own knowledge, it's a must for them to be homosexuals. if you add up environment to hereditary then that makes it a personality. so instead doubting about their essence in this world, whether other people would consider it a sin, they're still human beings... they should also be given much respect unless they doesn't want to.
• United States
25 Feb 10
Deviant, yes in a sense that it does not fit the norms of the society. But these norms do not serve as basis of the righteousness of an act. So, is homosexuality wrong? I do not think so. For me, a person cannot choose who he or she is emotionally/sexually attracted to. It is like the color of our skin, or our parents. We do not choose them, it is just there.
@akijoaru (32)
24 Feb 10
Well most people would say it is a sin because if we are gonna look it up in the Bible, we could say that it displeases God. However, If we are going to take a look at the complete context in most teachings in different churches, the meanings correlated to homosexuality become double standards. For example when I was in a catholic church, the priest said that it is not a sin to be homosexuals but to live as a homosexual is a different thing. Confusing? Yes in deed. For centuries, people has been fed by the morals the society just made up for themselves. I bet when they did it they they were just a bunch of heterosexuals who despise homosexuals. Hahaha! Kidding aside, conflicts in the society arise when two groups have different thoughts about a single thing naturally, one will keep pushing the other and the other will retaliate. It's a never ending fight between non-sense and another non-sense. The point is that we are all living in only one place sooner or later, we will all have to help each other out. Because I believe that if we would just try to relate to one another and accept each other, not a single person would be asking this question anymore...