MOM: Do you still think about YOU?

@debshie (392)
February 21, 2010 3:24am CST
Motherhood is one great task you will ever have to perform in your life. But it definitely is not an easy one. It is very challenging at the same time demanding. Being a mother means, giving yourself fully to the job and I mean your whole self. Now for most mothers out there, having time for YOU is quite impossible. The money you use for YOU is better off buying stuff for your kids, the time you spend for YOU could well be spent doing chores, playing with your kids and doing the laundry and the list goes on... Many would agree that having a Time for YOU is very important, for how can you give what you do not have? But no, not easy, never easy. Do you think that mothers who spend time in salons, or those who get a massage or those who leave the house and get a vacation, are these selfish mothers? Are these the mothers who cannot give their time and attention fully without having to ask time for themselves? Mothers, we need to hear your voice!
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