lesbian love

United States
February 21, 2010 8:14am CST
hey guys, im new to this and im looking for all sorts of ways to earn money. so here i go . well i am a lesbian. i just turned 18. my girlfriend got locked up three days ago and i miss her truly..im doing all i can to get her out because no one is trying or has tried. her bail is 500 bucks but previously it was 80,000 for gun possession and 8 other charges smfh damnn..but my problem im so hurt because she played and lied to me and broke my heart but i still will be there for her..im very loyal and loving..but what doo i do about her? ugh someone help im sooo stuck and heart broken =((
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21 Feb 10
WOW. your girlfriend is kinda loaded. Well, my only advice is to forget about her and move on. Maybe, you and her are not meant to be. I am also desperate to earn money, so you are not alone with that. Let's just try all legal ways to possibly earn some nice bucks here. Anyway, goodluck and may your life get better.