Remembering Kindness

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February 21, 2010 3:55pm CST
I was cleaning my son's room as we are working tward putting up his big boy bed. Well there's alot stored in that room. Anyway I came across a post card today.... it was of my Mother's pen pal. You know back before computers they had pen pals and round robins via snail mail. My mother in her illnesses had decided not to continue writing her when I was a teenager, so I picked up where she left off I suppose you could say. I wrote her for several years always excited to see what she had to say even though she was of a few yrs older than my grandparents. And seeing that postcard reminded me of her kindness she always sent me $5 for my birthday. And trying to instill some values into my kids about being thankful for what we have not for what we don't ect. Anyway it reminded me of a thankful day I got a birthday card from her with the standard $5 in it and how kind it was of her. That particular time I was supporting my Mother who was unable to work, so I was working 40hrs at a minimum wage job and going to school full time.... That $5 came to me I was so grateful it was that $5 that got me to work that week. And telling my oldest about how life can always be worse and be thankful for the lil things and kindness of others. Well after hearing some many years later from a friend of hers who had written to say she had broken her hip and was ill. I had not heard from her but that post card I found today. Out of curiosity I looked up her name on the SSDI and sure enough she has passed away in 06 just a few yrs short of turning 100. It makes me sad to know I wasn't notified but I hope she is well wherever she is and her letters and kindness continue on in my memory.
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@dragon54u (31646)
• United States
23 Feb 10
It just goes to show you, we never know how our actions will affect other people. She didn't know how much difference that $5 made to you that time. Just your writing about her will bring her back to life for a little bit and share her generosity with other people she will never know, at least on earth. I remember having pen pals, it was a lot of fun!
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• United States
23 Feb 10
You are right though one never knows what our actions will do for another person. And how someone will remember something that seemed so small can help alot. I had a pen pal from I'd say 7th grade (1988) til about 5yrs ago when I didn't get any more responses. Mine were from England, France, & New Zealand. The one from England lasted the longest ;0)
@hawkida (52)
• London, England
21 Feb 10
It's good that you had the chance to know her. You should keep the postcard to show your son when he is old enough to understand!
@yresh12 (3217)
• Philippines
21 Feb 10
That's a very touching story. This would really touch every one's heart. I hope they can ready it to.