Problem with UPBUX!

February 21, 2010 5:05pm CST
hi there! is it me or you noticed that we can't get in UPBUX? I've been trying to enter for days(3rd day now) but just error message. do you think they will return? how abt our earnings(if they do return) will it be reseted to zero?
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• Philippines
22 Feb 10
Sorry to break the news Teriyaki but it seems that UpBux has already closed. A lot of discussions has been posted about it here in MyLot, those might clear up some of your questions. I don't believe they will return. The way they addressed it they were claiming that 85% of their money have been taken away. It will be hard to continue with that much of a loss.
• Brazil
21 Feb 10
Upbux has shut down their site until their paypal problem is resolved. I don't beleive this problem will be resolved soon so I consider my earnings there, for the while, frofeited. I haven't invested any real cash in there so I'm relaxed ;)
@Downwindz (2537)
• Netherlands
21 Feb 10
My fear is based on what we can read on thier site is that UpBux are gone for good! Im sorry mate... I was lucky to reach one cashout and they where gone.