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@baifuwa (637)
February 22, 2010 1:59am CST
Many students have got in school on a decade,but they do not have a good study skil. So they have a bad learning effect. I don't have a good leanrning skill,and my study is not good !What about you ? If you have some good learning skills,please share with me,thank you!!
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• Malaysia
2 Aug 10
I suggest you to take course that you have the proper background for study. If not you will be suffer for that. lolz Besides that, you should spend an adequate amount of time outside of class studying efficiently. For a course that is 'easy' for you, that may be about 1 hour outside of class for every hour in class or less to make an "A".
@baifuwa (637)
• China
3 Aug 10
I have graduated for two years.but i study no well in the college. So i want to study !
@baifuwa (637)
• China
3 Aug 10
But i have no good method!
5 Mar 10
I must admit, my son's school evaluation result was very poor, he has failing grades and there were meetings with the school principal and guidance counselor from time to time. Until i visit and used Here they will teach student on having academic discipline, work habit, time management and good organizational skill which are very important in the life of the student. Try this, and you will surely be tankful.
@aditya149 (292)
• Sweden
26 Feb 10
yes any people lack of good studying skills during their childhood and it effects the diploma and graduation studies as my point..i have good base during my childhood days..and iam coping that knowledge during my Graduation course which iam pursuing right now..the knowledge and the communication skills that we are trying to acquire rgt in the teenage hav good effects if we have a platform during our childhood days....It Creates interest upon d topic and builds confidence and grip on tht subject..dese things should be imbibe during our child hood days..dose steps are the initial ones for changing ones attitude...
@p3ks626 (6548)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
I dont know if my study skills were good but I am just happy I passed. I study every day especially if the subject is difficult. I studied for subjects that are important to my major and I didn't focus on minor subjects. I didnt like Physics in college. I have to retake it to be able to graduate. I was picky when it comes to studying. I only study hard the subjects I like and the subjects whose teachers are also good. These are the reasons why I think I didnt have a very good study habits. :D
@advokatku (4036)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 10
effective way of learning, in my opinion are: First, intention and pray. Second, Reading. You must be diligent in reading, as with reading, we will gain insights into broad. Third, always make a summary of the lesson. Important parts of the lesson should be made on paper records or a small book that can be carried anywhere, so it can be read wherever we are.