Does RBI troubling paypal in India?

February 22, 2010 3:24am CST
I heard that RBI is restricting transactions of paypal in India do anyone heard about this? please do respond regarding this issue...if it is true,,then what is the alternative for this..and do paypal is working to register with RBI about this issue... post your views
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@mak9839 (16)
• India
23 Feb 10
the RBI has put some restriction upon the Paypal to transfer the funds to indian banks. this is mainly because the fund transferred in this way are not charged. and maybe they want to put certain charges for the transfers made from paypal. so, i think the problem would be over soon.
• Sweden
24 Feb 10
I hope d prb can be fixed sooner...thnx 4 ur reply dude
@sunnycool (12736)
• India
22 Feb 10
RBI has implied some restrictions on paypal as many indians started working online and making money----they're transfering the amounts to their local indian banks with out paying any fee---hence they stopped accepting payment transfers to india---paypal area working on this and they would regulate them very soon.Mean while paypal has removed the personal payment option for all indians---so beware each time you sen dmoney to some one they deduct a huge fee which wasnt the case with personal payments.There been a lot going in here in the last two weeks regarding this issue---you can check out those discussions using the search tab.great day.
• Sweden
22 Feb 10
hoping for the same..thanx for your reply dude
• United States
17 Apr 10
well that really sounds horrible. i did not hear anything about that. hopefully everything will work out with paypal in india.