Is there such a person in your mind?

February 22, 2010 6:49am CST
Maybe you had been in love,or you may liked each other.But,for what reason you could be together?Perhaps you two met too early to know how to treasure each other.Perhaps you met too late,and you had another person by your side at taht moment;Perhaps it was too late when you turned round,he or she no longer waited there;Perhaps,while guessing each other's thought,both of you still can not step over the borderline.Or perhaps,even though you didn;t go together,you both still keep friends.You would rather care about him at a distance - it is better than to be together but have to say goodbye one day.You would rather to be his or her friend that you both won't be jealous of each other,and can talk everything under th sun. Is there such a person in your mind?
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@anc457 (186)
• Thailand
23 Feb 10
i experienced that after we broke up, we just became friends. we see each other every now and then. we never talk about why our relationship ended. we just love being together. then one time my friend, told me not to see each other again coz "my friend" found a new lover. hmmm is there something wrong i thought we're OK. i should have told "my friend" my feelings maybe we were together again. but it's too late. (sigh) how i wish i could turn back time, and make thng right.
@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
Of course, the person i love is always on my mind. Never really had those experiences you mentioned, but i experienced a broken heart, but the same person taught me how to love again. It's just so amazing how true love works. And for that reason, he is always on my mind, like everything i do, i think about him first.
@dorothy09 (1520)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
hi pengyachu, well not a present, my mind was working now with mylot discussion LOL.. i felt the situation during my younger years when you cant still decide on your own and you are infatutated with someone.. Sometimes I also day dream for a romantice scenes with matching stars in the night, in the beach etc etc..
@bnx2212 (712)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
There's comes a time that I experienced such thing but I've moved on. At least I've made it. I came to a point of not thinking about the person anymore.