How will I revive drive for studying positively progressive and productive?

@uniqueorn (1011)
February 23, 2010 8:18am CST
Back in my elementary years, I have had countless achievements in school. I topped my class when it comes to academic ranking, I have won speech contests such as oration and declamation and many more to mention. But as years progress, I lived my life so carefree and made my days a time for leisure and comfort. To study and to focus in school have lost their meaning to me. Now, studying irritates me much and I just can not easily discipline myself to focus in school I am now in my college years. I think it is not yet too late to catch up. Because I have greatly noticed how much I have missed so many great lessons that I must have have used for my own benefit. But however much striving I do does not give any good effect and eventually leads me back to the habit of being lazy. Help me! How will I able to revive the former me who studies so well and does productive things positively?
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