Picking a new phone.

United States
February 23, 2010 1:18pm CST
When you go to look for a new phone what features do you look for? rugged, thin, high-tech? I find it hard trying to balance choosing features like email and text messaging with what people have said about the phone when I cant try it out. Then there is the price issue, I will wait till the phone I have decided on goes on sale, and I really don't like the mail in rebate thing. What do you look for? Is price a big factor for you? Color? Brand name? Lemme know how you choose.
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• Brazil
23 Feb 10
In terms of brand name, I like to buy phones that are of a good brand, meaning Sony ericson, LG, nokia, etc. My cell has to be able to play videos and has to have a moderate/very good sound system/music player. It has to be cheap and has to be durable (I always sell my phones to buy new ones so they have to last). Color doesn't matter but I do like to choose and I have no favorite, diferent cells go better with diferent colors. I always try to buy phones when they are on sale, old phones today are 1/3 of the price they had about 2 months ago, so it's much better. I like phones that do their job and are not too flashey, if you carry a flasehy phone around here, you are bound to get robbed.
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@sk66rc (4250)
• United States
23 Feb 10
I usually look for the features I need when I'm looking to buy a cell phone. Luckly, it's not that often for me. Reason why I changed my cell phone recently is because my older one broke. I usually look to blackberry. Having an excess to emails is an important feature for me. It is work related so I try to look for the phones with at least that option. I've seen other smart phones with internet capabilities but I like the "push" function on blackberry. I don't listen to music or play games on my phone so I could careless about those things. Camera does help with my work a lot so I would like to have decent camera on my phone. I don't usually pay any tention to brand names but since only company I know that has all the things I'm looking for in a phone is RIM, company that makes blackberry, I guess I'm sticking to blackberry phones.