how to start working from home?

February 23, 2010 6:59pm CST
i have been seriously considering working from home. I would really want to quit my job and just stay at home but i would still need to earn. i'm not good in setting up and having a business. i know that there are a lot of means to work from home, specially through the internet. I am actually currently earning from my writings. but it's just one job and it's not enough. is it really possible to work from home and still be able to support yourself? what are the things i should do? what are the types of jobs available there? how much should i expect to earn? thanks!
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@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
27 Feb 10
Yes, barnkinney, it's possible to earn a living by working from home. And it doesn't have to be an online activity of some kind. You may want to consider being a tuition teacher. I have known people who actually make a decent living just by giving tuition at home. They usually teach in the evenings, and it's only 3 hours per session at most. Besides tutoring, you can of course opt for online tasks like writing articles, blogs, or reviews. Since you are currently earning from your writing, I'm sure you are already proficient in this area. Also, you might want to give online selling a try - open up a blogshop, and start selling.
• India
24 Feb 10
we think that it is too difficult to work from home nowdays due to so many scams i think working in office is better than home
@geniustiger (1696)
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
In my own point of view , I can say that working at home can support you well. I must go with work rather working at home. Specially if your work is decent one. Business is good at home but I can't assure that it is really fine and you just start up. In opening a business we will start at small capital. We will see to it and think forward the needs and demands of your costumers. Is your site the center of people which is your buyers? Many things to ponder and consider before quitting a job. It is okay if you have lots of money in the bank for opening it and can sustain you for how many years . Let say if whatever happens in the business it can support you.
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
yes me too since i dont have job and difficult for me to find job since im pregnant right now. they said loading station is best or selling cold drinks since its already summer, but in my location i dont think its possible. if i look for a place im sure i will going to pay for rent which is very costly, unless my business is quite big.
@rajaiv0810 (1013)
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
I have quit my day job last March 2009 and I am currently working at home as an Online English Teacher. I'm very happy with what I am doing and Iam earning even more than before. I'm not really good in writing that is why I couldn't do some writing jobs more than MyLot. :) Why don't you consider teaching as well there are several sites who are looking for online teachers. If you know some crafts you can also start selling but I think for this option you have to establish it first before leaving your job. Even in teaching, I have established it first. At the beginning I was only teaching part time then I found it interesting and the income is also good so I finally made the choice to focus here. Goodluck.
@sasalove (1710)
• China
24 Feb 10
That is what I expected to! I want to work at home with much free time to do my favorite. Yes, one job earning from the internet is not enough and some of the earning site is not stable to cash out. Starting a new thing is a little difficult while you did not initiate that area before. But now, it could work only if you have persistence on it as you have a solid foundation on computer and a ready attitude to apply for it. Except for posting the discussion, writing articles, you would search a stable pay rate job in the net. I know that odesk is a good website that you could have the hourly rate around $10 once you are successfully being interviewed for a job. I think that the life can support if you worked 3 hours a day and you are capable of completing that jobs. In another, you could start a shop in the internet, saying selling products at eBay. Some of my friends can operate well that they can earn RMB10 thousand a month. It is not a small amount that we even could not earn per our office work. But it depends on what kinds of products you are going to sell and how to maintain your domain and service as well. Have a good luck to you and tell me when you can run your business successfully online.
• United States
24 Feb 10
What are your skills? I just read an article that said when looking for work at home jobs, don't type work at home, in the search engine. 99% of the time this will only take you to scams. Instead type virtual assistant, or at home secretary, etc. If you go to Odesk, there are tons of jobs there, just make a profile, upload a resume, and then apply for positions. There really are a lot, but it can be very difficult to find them.