Positive Thinking

@frizvi (98)
February 24, 2010 6:29am CST
Today I read that what ever we happens to us 90% is the result of our reaction to that problem. Only 10% is the cause, remaning hing depends on the reaction we have to that moment or problem. It means we should take the things positively and everything will be alright.If we behave negetively of course evrything go haywire.Do you agree with this??
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@laglen (19779)
• United States
24 Feb 10
I agree with this. I think positive thinking leads to a positive outcome. I also find that prayer changes my thinking and well being. I believe that if you think negatively, you won't be disappointed.
• Malaysia
24 Feb 10
i believe in positive thinking and positive actions as it cannot rain all the time. surely some days, the sun will come out and shine. there will be light at the end of the tunnel unless you allow darkness to stay longer than neccessary. even the clouds have silver lining.there is a rainbow after the rain. there you are, always think like this: 'things could have been worse'.therefore look at the brighter side of life and smile at each new morn. a new day comes with a new promise. so what you do today will determine your tomorrows. so lets pull up our socks and work hard and be determine to make today a success for tomorrow's reward. dont procrastinate what you can complete today as tomorrow you have time for other tasks ahead. what we sow today, we will reap in future. the law of reaping and harvest is real. therefore we need knowledge, information to develope understanding and have wisdom to resolve issues and problems. try to be around postive people as their positive attitudes and mannerism will rub onto us too. a person who complains will find himself complainig all the time as he always choose to see the negative, the bad and ugly no matter how good the situation is. learn to be grateful and give thanks as it makes us feel good. soon we will find joy in our heart and we see things in a good light. we react positively and be rewarded with positive outcome.
@marianna45 (1399)
• Romania
24 Feb 10
In theory you are right, it's an idealistic way to see life and people, but in relationships not all time things work like this, I know so many people, open, alive and trying to treat people with kindness and smiles, but they only receive messages acid. Let us not drunk with cold water, life and people are like are better, bad, positive thinking can help you go forward, it helps to not get older faster, but never helps when you want to change people or to attract all the best in your life . Normally a positive attitude is one that helps in life, but not always, you can always look to the positive, if there is actually something negative.
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
yes i guess thinking positive is the best above all specially if were on the biggest trouble of our life. we should at least look at the brightest future ahead of us and expect that we can do it, and of course it will only be possible if we work for it than just wait to make it happen. thinking negative will only add misery to our problem.
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
When you think positively you invite all the positive karma as well. And true enough everything turns our positive when you think positive. Thinking negatively doesnt really give positive results, so why think about negative things right?