Marry to an Army

February 25, 2010 3:44am CST
Hi~all,especially girls,do you think marry to an Army is the start of a happy marriage or the beginning of a lonely life. Armys in most countries are limited by the troop and they have no freedoom and can't company their girlfriends all the time,and can't be around her when she is sick or in bad mood……so girls which have a boyfrind in troop, can you overcome the loneliness when he is not around,and do you envy the other girls which can stay with their boyfriends. I wanna to hear your opinions!
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@Aaleexix (2291)
• India
26 Feb 10
This discussion is particularly for girls, so there is no place for me.
• China
26 Feb 10
LOL……Aaleexix,you are so kind to read all the dicussions that I started. yeah,I wanna to share the feelings with girls in the same groups,anyway,thank you a lot!
• Philippines
25 Apr 10
i think marrying and army is not a good one. since army goes to different will be difficult if they dont find someone there to be with.i have many friends who are married to an army. but many of those end up in separation.