Another genuine paying site now goes bad at genuine people

February 25, 2010 7:30am CST
Dear myloteers.!!! Yes another genuine site has decided not to pay anymore to its members. I know almost everyone here on mylot is a member at imreportcard. Well today i have received a mail from that stating " They are now no longer going to pay cash but will give us a chance to purchase internet marketing materials and access to other paid sites. Well what i think is that - It is useless to give access to paid sites in which users would not be interested in. They should have atleast paid in amazon vouchers! So another site here turning down - This site was the only one which was paying heavily since 7 to 8 months and i have earned about 500USD from them. Now i won't be working for them. Mylot friends if anyone has any other site such as imreportcard which pays nicely for reviews or comments please tell me. Coz all my earning opportunities are seized now.
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@oindy54 (3446)
• India
12 Mar 10
I remember that I had tried signing up at this site few months back after hearing a lot of good reviews about it.But my bad luck was that by then they had stopped accepting members from India and some other countries due to the problem of cheaters.I was very disappointed that time as I could not earn from such a great site while many others did from writing reviews on this site.And now from your discussion I have come to know that the site will not pay anymore.That is really sadBut you are lucky my friend to have made $500 from them.I wish I could have done the same but I was not even able to register!
• India
21 Mar 10
Yes friend people from Asian and some other countries are banned on this site. However i registered with them prior to this notice. So they did not cancel my existing account. Too lucky that time
@UmiNoor (4353)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 10
Hello there, I'm a member of IMRC.I just logged in today to cash out but found out I can't. I haven't been on the site for quite some time and I didn't receive any email warning me that they weren't paying anymore. I'm so disappointed. I think they've been paying their members too high. 50 cents for comments which are just 100 words is the highest I think in the cyber world. Now I think they cannot afford to pay their members so they just stop paying and claim that it's because of widespread abuse. This site claims to report on scam and now they've become a scam site themselves. I wonder if I can cash out my money if I write the admin?
• India
9 Mar 10
Hi. Sorry to hear about your condition. But let me assure you one thing; they are not scam; they did send an email about this to each and every member. And they have not stopped paying. They have stopped paying cash but still your points accumulated have same value as they did. Only thing now is you can purchase some internet related material but no CASH. Just check with some of your freinds or someone on mylot who is about to purchase some internet marketing related material. Offer him some discount and you purchase it from imreportcard and get cash from that person. Worked good for me. I have cashed out all my money from there. So no harm for me!
@Honiawa (167)
• Romania
25 Feb 10
I made some nice money with them too. First they removed all referral earnings and now this new rule, it's just too much for me. I stopped using the site a month ago, I had a feeling they would go down. Now I'm searching for new, interesting opportunities to make money
• India
26 Feb 10
That is correct. Now more people are going to search for more online earning opprotunities. Once it was ciao and then a site called comparedby and now it was imreportcard. Now there is no such site! Looks like we are facing a recession effect in internet earning this year!
@tluanga (768)
• India
25 Feb 10
thats too bad, but anyway i did not join the sites. Atleast you can used your vouchers :)