I dont understand why he is acting awkward and distant, it's like he doesnt want

February 25, 2010 9:45am CST
I dont understand why he is acting awkward and distant, it's like he doesnt want to talk to me first? and it makes me feel bad somehow. Coz, he's so friendly to my friends and he even initiates the conversation and often asks them questions about school. Now, i wouldn't even bother about it at first but then he was also friendly to me before and does not hesitate to ask me questions. Now, even if i know the answer, and my friend even told him that i know the answer, he hesitates already to ask me and would not even approach like before. He became pretty sensitive also (for me) as to what i think of him. Coz, he already said twice that i don't like his presence when in fact i do but somehow it was misinterpreted, i know he seemed to think of what he said as a joke, but you couldn't dismiss it if the actions follow with the words. meaning he is already hesitant to talk to me but when i do talk to him, he smiles a huge smile so i do get confuse coz it's like hes just waiting for me to talk to him first which is so unlike him before. and also, when i do joke at him to break the awkwardness, he just copies my mannerism and seems to be so serious about things..when he's not even like that with my friends :/ he's very funny with them and with me, he's serious, awkward, smiling yah but confusing as well, twice he said to me before that i was really nice but why so awkward for us? i felt awkward talking to him already since he is awkward anyway he is some school mate of mine and is an acquaintance i met few months ago
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
2 Mar 10
lol =D Another new boy that u like?? hehe ^_^ It seems like most of your love experience as kinda similiar huh?? There are always bound to have some awkwardness involved in it!! hehe ^_^ I guess he might sense something, and yet he does not wanna take the initiative.. or maybe, he does not like u at all, and thus dun wanna hurt u, thus keeping a distance from u, in order not to let u have the wrong idea
• Indonesia
25 Feb 10
hahahahah congraturation if he had a feeling for you, but if that not, you still can ask him what happened and hearing what he say, awkward is something that occurs to everyone, but in different time, if you has been feel it, you can guess why he become awkward sincerely reborn is hard
@choybel (5051)
• Philippines
25 Feb 10
You could maybe confront him or ask him through text messaging what the problem is as you are bothered by this recent awkwardness between you. It's really unclear to me either, I can guess that he likes you but is dumb enough to make it so awkward rather than try to make it pleasant or maybe he is just playing around.