Judge will rule on Obama's aunt in May

@teamrose (1492)
United States
February 25, 2010 3:50pm CST
WTH.. So she just keeps on sucking up taxpayer money until then.. Do you think she should get to stay? If so,please explain why the other 5 billion in the world also should. How much money in taxes has she ever paid here? Who's paying her medical bills? Who's paying her rent?
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@Rollo1 (16679)
• Boston, Massachusetts
25 Feb 10
I understand why Obama would do nothing now to help this relative, because it would look bad for the president to use influence to get her legitimately resident in the US. But why didn't he do anything for her when he was just in the IL state legislature? Why not before that, when he was a successful lawyer? He already kicked her to the curb. What was interesting is that Aunt Zeituni told a reporter "I love George Bush... he is my No 1 man". This is because Bush prevented her deportation before the election in November 2008, not wanting it to impact on the elections. If she has a real case for asylum, then I don't see the point in deporting her. Her case for asylum might be strengthened by her nephew being president. I hold no ill will towards her, I worry more about the criminal element amongst the illegals in this country than I do the occasional old lady. But what really worries me is the system that allowed her to receive the public assistance and did nothing to ascertain her eligibility. But it's not my decision, it's being left up to a judge. If she'd had a nephew who had any sense of decency, she wouldn't have been living in public housing, he could have helped her financially.
@piasabird (1737)
• United States
26 Feb 10
As far as I know, he isn't helping ANY of his relatives on his so-called father's side. But his mother-in-law lives in the White House. lol
@missybal (4490)
• United States
25 Feb 10
Who's paying her medical bills? Who's paying her rent? Me and You and taxpayers of America! She needs to go and as the post before me states with a bill for all the money she owes us and if she doesn't pay up then he nephew needs to pay up.... Mister President step up to the plate she's your relation not mine.
@hofferp (4734)
• United States
25 Feb 10
I'd have sent her back when she was found out...with a bill from the American taxpayers.