Chicken of different cooking style

@kevinll (967)
February 25, 2010 7:54pm CST
I don't ofen eat meat, however I would like to eat chicken. Maybe they are lean meat, so I like it. Especially the meat of drumstick or white chicken. I can eat chicken of any different cooking style. Such as Kentucky, MacDonald, boiled chicken with mushroom and so on. Do you like it? What kind of cooking style do you like?
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@overwith (101)
• United States
18 Mar 10
I like chicken fixed almost anyway there is to fix it. My favorite is chicken fried rice. I guess the next would have to be grilled. I like KFC but home cooked is better. There are so many ways to fix it that you could have it every night of the week and have it a different way each time. Of cource I don't my husband would never go for that and I think I would tire of it if I ate it very often. We like to bake it with old bay and mushrooms. It is really good that way if you don't over bake.
• United States
27 Feb 10
I like all kinds of chicken. I really love the grilled chicken the best it is one of my favorites. I like it grilled with onions and pineapple on top as well as green and red peppers on top of it grilled to. I prefer to grill it at home myself.
• United States
26 Feb 10
i love meat infact im addicted to it i need to have a piece of meat everyday so i can feel satsify that i ate. my favorite place to eat chicken is the chicken from boston market, there chicken is so juciey and taseful they also have very good side dishes. but if i make chicken at home i bread it and then fry it a little bit and pour mushroom sauce over it ^_^
@humairaku (2039)
• Indonesia
26 Feb 10
so do I kevin. I prefer chicken to meat. cos chicken is easier to chew than meat. and I think food made from chicken is more delicious that food made from meat. I like every food made from chicken, from the simple one such as fried chicken or grilled chicken to the more complicated ones like steak or chicken mixed vegetables. I like chicken as if I never be bored to consume it everyday. LOL.
• India
26 Feb 10
You should try the Indian chicken curry. Ohh my God.. its yummy!!