Think of the Good Times

By Jess
@JJ4Ever (4696)
United States
February 25, 2010 8:26pm CST
Do you have a situation where a person you know and love or a particular situation is worse now than in the past? Do you focus on the good times in the past with that person or circumstance or are you only able to see the "here and now"? I have an aunt who has had multiple sclerosis for several years now. It started out that she walked with a cane, then she had to be pushed around in a wheelchair, and now she's completely bedridden. I still remember my aunt when she was able to walk on her own and didn't have this disease. She had six kids so there was a lot to keep up with when she was younger. It's hard to see her suffer, but I know I have to be thankful she's still here and be grateful for all the good memories we shared in the past. How do you view these types of situations? Do you like to remember the good times of the past and appreciate the present or do you focus on what is happening in the present and try to forget the past? I know it's easy to start comparing past to present and wondering about the "what if's" as well. Please share your take on these situations.
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